Directing your conscious focus in a way that is conducive to good trading and a positive life is tough. It is tough because humans are burdened with hardwired negativity and “destructor implants” that makes it hard to change well practiced habits. The erroneous idea that the three dimensional, linear mind create your reality is the root cause of all trading difficulties and all of life’s problems.

The average trader’s world view is one of lack and frustration:

Traders focus on damage limitation, anxiety to “do the right thing” and discipline. This habitual behaviour wastes your precious energy, lowers your vibrational frequency and makes it even harder to adopt more resourceful behaviours.

The universe is a closed system

While appearing infinite to the human mind, there is scientific evidence that the universe is finite. In a finite universe energy certainly is finite. The esoteric traditions talk about each individual being given x amount of energy. Once used up life in human form is over.

Due to their lack of knowledge about universal law the average trader has no idea on how to tap into universal energy and use to their advantage.

Once you learn how to effectively tap into universal energy you are only using a tiny amount of the energy you are presently wasting on keeping yourself on track.

Feeling dictates your vibrational set point, the quality of your thinking is the effect.

By the time you notice that your vibrational energy is below par, your thinking is out of synch and your trading routine is not as high as it might be, you have already wasted huge amounts of energy with realising it.  You stop wasting energy and wasting your life once you recognise  how you are squandering your life energy early on.

The three dimensional world is the effect, not the cause of reality creation.

Reality is not created in three dimensional form, rather it is created in the invisible, the so called esoteric.

Esoteric knowledge pertains to the understanding of the subtle energy field that creates the foundation that bring a three D reality into form. If you use the invisible forces correctly you create beautiful three dimensional forms. This may be good trading, a healthy life, sound relationships and abundance in everything you do and perceive.

In order to become an effective creator you must use to learn energy correctly.

It is about becoming aware of the fine nuances in your subtle energy field. Traders and people in general have huge problems with this, because our hard wiring of the logical mind still kicks in, preventing that shift into the invisible realms of co-creation.

There is no one way to the holy grail. You have to choose a way that is right for you:

It doesn’t matter whether you are drawn to reading books on universal law, start a regular meditation practice, exercise, or work on clearing your environment from toxins first. The most important thing is that you start doing something that shifts you away from your habitual ways of doing things.

To that end every product I have created will help you make the departure from three dimensional logical oriented thinking to the esoteric realm of true knowledge.

The Bhagavad Gita talks about the importance of knowledge and action.

There can be no action without awareness. Awareness is knowledge.

Knowledge is consciousness awareness beyond your present reality set point. When you add new knowledge you change your reality set point and you vibrational frequency change.

Everyone desires a positive life, alas very few people are prepared to follow through with a regular practice that gets them to shift into the higher vibrational frequencies where reality creation becomes easier.

The universe always provides a synchronicity of events.

Alas, while you are still squandering your energy you cannot be consciously aware of how creation works. You keep wasting energy until you start seeing for yourself that there is another way.

If you focus on learning about the strategies the universe uses rather than the strategies your ego mind uses you will start noticing how the universe works. The increased awareness frees up energy and makes room for higher, lighter energy to come in.

The system is straight forward, no magic here. The “magic” is about freeing yourself from the false constructs of your trading mind.

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