Wheeeee, this is fun!  

Industrial Production was DOWN 0.2% vs up 0.2% expected.  This 200% miss was led by a 1.9% drop in utilities as consumers simply can’t afford to keep the lights on anymore, even with very low natural gas prices keeping costs down.  The only segment that was up was – you guessed it – MINING, as top 10% speculators hoarding shiny bits of metal in anticipation of the collapse of civilization drove production up 0.7%, marking 3 consecutive months of increasing activity.   

Housing Starts dropped 10% in September and Permits for future starts dropped another 4% and this morning we got word that Mortgage Applications fell 10.5% last week as the price of a 30-year fixed mortgage went from 4.21% to an unaffordable (I guess) 4.34%.  Imagine prospective buyers sitting at a table saying to the broker: “4.34%?  Why that’s outrageous, we won’t pay it!”  Inflation (real inflation) is 3.5% and you are paying 4.34% so that is a net effective 0.84% interest rate on a home AND STILL NO TAKERS!  As we noted last week, 34% of Americans think their homes will go down in value next year.

That’s just silly – home prices are ALREADY down in value by 12% this year.  Your home is, unfortunately, priced in dollars so the “stable” prices this year are only stable when priced in a currency that’s collapsing.  To Japanese or European buyers, your home value is swirling down the toilet just as fast as it was during the first two years of the collapse.  

It’s kind of like when the coyote is standing on a rock that has broken off from the cliff and doesn’t realize he’s falling with the rock – these illusions work just fine until you both splatter into the ground

What then, is the point of giving us the illusion of economic health by debasing our currency faster than the economy is falling?  Clearly we are not fooling the consumers – consumer confidence is in the toilet because a vast majority of consumers live in the real World which is currently located between a rock and a hard place for 90% of Americans.   Oh, by the way, don’t forget that those polls where 60% of the people say the economy sucks include the top 10%, who think the economy is great – so great, in fact, that they are putting all their money into gold and shifting…
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