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5 Truths To Create Trading Success: Look Within

Access Your Spirit:

No, I am not about to go all religious on you: The spirit I am talking about is that element of you that permeates everything. It is the engine of trading success. The opposite happens when you don access it: Frustration, hard work, a feeling of being disconnected from life and success are the typical tell tale signs.

From a quantum physics perspective, spirit is the field that permeates everything in existence. It is also the invisible force that contains passion and gives you the strength to carry on even against seemingly overwhelming odds.

The spiritual part of you is hugely important to success, but since we have trouble defining it in linear, logical terms it has been dismissed as something religious freaks escape to in the hope of some mystical awakening providing them with answers they cannot find in themselves.

1. The paradox is that what is outside of you is also inside of you

We cling to old outdated beliefs because they feel safe and secure, even against the overwhelming evidence that we have our reality back to front, literally.

Traders are insane enough to keep making the same mistakes over and over again, expecting to have different results, simply because they refuse to alter their outdated views on how reality is created. They are in seemingly good company, since most trading coaches and mentors still put system development as the number one priority, completely ignoring the unseen, esoteric side which is the primal catapult of manifestation.

2. The simple truth is this: Once you have settled on a system, your trading success does not depend on the system, but how you use it.

Achieving lasting trading success requires from most traders that you have to accept that most of what you were taught is either plain wrong, or slowing down the learning process. If you want to create trading success fast you need to look at the things that cause success or failure, instead of looking at the end result. When you understand the nature of your spiritual side you become free from the grid of the collective consciousness which is locked into the illusion of lack.

3. The wisdom traditions teach the vital importance of self knowledge, for good reason:

All mastery, including of course trading mastery, requires deep self knowledge. If you want (trading) life to flow with ease and grace learn about the true nature of your being and the world around you. Spirit is the source of everything in existence.

It is also all encompassing. There is no good or bad, or right or wrong. The impersonal aspect of spirituality is difficult to grasp. Alas when you get it, a many of the self sabotaging behaviours that keep us from reaching our goals with effortless ease fall away.

4. Understand your spiritual nature and the spiritual nature of everything in existence to unlock the door to mastery.

When you begin to enter the levels of mastery you are shifting into a totally different understanding yourself, of the markets and the world at large. In essence you are entering a different state of being you, and with that process your identity shifts.

Becoming comfortable with the spiritual aspect of existence frees you from victimhood. You now have a chance to become self empowered.

When you honour the spiritual aspect of your existence you are effectively acknowledging the oneness of the universe of which you are an integral part. This awareness closes the gap between the outside world and your inner world. It is now easier to acknowledge your own huge powers of creation.

When you finally fully integrate this piece of foundational wisdom of your human nature trading success and success in life comes to you.

You can stop seeking and begin to receive.

5. Tuning into the spiritual power of life enlightens everything:

Enlightenment is the pursuit of self knowledge that expands your cognitive awareness. Enlightenment means allowing light to shine in places where there is darkness. You cannot dispel darkness with more darkness. You can only dispel darkness with light. Knowledge is light. When you strive to understand yourself and understand your world better you are bringing in more light. There is nothing strange or complicated about this fundamental law of the universe.

The only strange thing is our inability to make the shift into something we cannot see and evaluate in conventional terms. Science is making a return to the spiritual aspect of life, away from the purled logical, linear approach.

We are waking up to the fact that the esoteric hides the true knowledge of life and that it can give us tools far superior to the three dimensional purely mechanistic world view from which we have predominantly operated  over the last 300 years.

The Buddhist Trader discusses these aspects and shines a light on your trading through the lens of the esoteric and unseen. I might also say it shows you a short cut to living a successful (trading) life.