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Trading Psychology: Align With The Energy Of The Markets

The recent sidelining of the markets, followed by the final break down yesterday has tested many trader. If you were long you probably lost money if you were short you probably lost money.

I know, it still seems like a paradox to many traders: Understanding the nature of life is the most important thing you can do to align with the markets’ energy.

Understanding and tuning into the rhythm of life is an essential skill that every trader and every investor must learn if they want to be consistently successful. The big money is made perhaps once per year, if you are switched on and in tune. The rest of the time it is a matter of fine tuning your ability to sense the pulse of life and of the markets and take your little nuggets out along the way. It is not sexy or exciting, rather it is about inner alignment.

The nature of life is pulsation

Everything without exception in this universe pulsates. Pulsation brings energy to life. Some of the most advanced researchers into the nature of the universe have said that this pulse has the same rhythm throughout the entire cosmos in all of the 12 dimensions. Plants, humans, stars, planets, galaxies, your thoughts and the so called “empty” air all pulsate in the same rhythm.

Pulsation moves events, experiences and emotions and makes it possible for us to experience life as humans, as animals, trading in the markets and so on.

If everything pulsates in the same rhythm, we can tune into that rhythm and read its language without too much difficulty!

W. D. GANN knew about this and built his strategies on the principle. Alas, it goes even further.

Most traders have not yet developed the sensitivity to read the subtle energy field. This inability leads to a disconnect each time the market changes direction.

The disconnect is further exacerbated by the larger cycle of life in play right now. The big transition appears to us as a de-coupling from normality, safety and the comfort of what we know.

Whenever we feel disconnected we add to the feeling of unease by letting the logical mind roam for solution to re-instate the known status quo.

Instead of gaining the connection the feelings of disconnect deepen. Anxiety frustration and trading losses ensue.

I mentioned to you before that even the professional traders I coach often have great difficulty with remaining aligned during transition periods.

We are so outwardly orientated yielding to the perceived need to act in times when we need to do exactly the opposite

I have been short silver pretty much from the highs.

It is the kind of counter trend trade I like taking.

As anyone who trades the metal will know that trade was a tough one to get going. For the last three weeks or so the position was into profit and out of profit. I felt that my wave count was right and I resisted the urge to get out prematurely. Risk parameters were clearly defined and the position either would work or not. During this time I had no conviction to trade much else. I trust in my ability to read the cosmic sign language and apply it in line with my personal swing trading strategy and my psychology. I also trust in my ability to observe my emotional impulses without yielding to them.

I am no genius.

There are better traders around than me. There are people who make money intra day every day, I do not know of many, but they exist. I am not one of them and I had to develop another strategy to make money consistently. Getting to that point was not easy, because I had to let go of the pre conceived ideas I had about myself and about (trading) life.

The one skill all traders who are constituent have acquired is the skill to know when to sit still, align with the rhythm in the markets and to stay out whenever they are uncertain.

This is the number one skill that ensures your survival as a trader long term and is the hardest skill to acquire, because it asks of you to become emotionally mature and grow as a person.

You too can tune into the rhythm of life if you are ready to learn

It is not that difficult, you have to become present to a new aspect of your existence.

Yet, while you operate from an ego perception you will find it nigh on impossible to tune into the subtle sign language of the cosmic aspect of (trading) life. The constant battle between the linear driven harsh and loud ego language and the gentle non- linear, deep and “counter intuitive” language that is the mother of all creation cancel each other out.

The ego usually wins

It will continue to win until you are ready to make way for expansion. That inevitably means that you have to leave something that you considered to be a part of your identity behind and bring out a new deeper aspect and skills in you. That willingness opens your inner senses in favour over your outer senses.

Here you can find peace, here and only here are the answers, be that to trading better, or to leading a better life.