Tools and Techniques to Develop the Mental Edge

Trading: How To Re-Invent Yourself In A Changing World

In the quest for a meaningful and successful life we have to ask quality questions of ourselves. One of the most meaningful questions to ask is this: Who am I?

The answer matters because it opens the portal to a deeper self knowledge, a more profound understanding of reality and together this leads to feeling comfortable in a world which poses many challenges to all of us right now.

Today we are seeing immense suffering and massive clashes of opposing forces, as hundreds of thousands of people are seeking refuge in what they perceive as “safe heavens” running away from disastrous economic situations and war. We have been here before under slightly different circumstances. Today is different, because the cycle of consciousness is in a different phase.

All of life is cyclical. The cyclical nature of existence is evident in the architecture of ancient history and the teachings from wisdom traditions thousands of years old, many much older than Buddhism or Christian teachings.

A new age of truth is dawning:

Much of our history is being re-written putting into question some of the most foundational teachings we have lived by for generations. Letting go of what you think you know is always difficult. It challenges our perceived safety and makes us insecure resentful and defensive.

Yet, all kinds of suffering arises through our consciousness alone, or should I say the lack thereof.

The need to awaken and expand your consciousness into a new understanding of your identity is your ticket to freedom from mental bondage.

The words run like a silken thread through all my work, for awaken you absolutely must if you want a better life for yourself and be in control rather than being at the mercy of your circumstances, and emotionally torn to shreds by world events around you. Spiritual awakening is akin to detachment and freedom.

The intra day traders among you know just how absolutely vital it is in today’s market environment to harness one’s emotions and to learn techniques to become the observer rather than an unwitting participant.

Learning to live from a higher dimensional place

You change your life by changing how you see yourself, not how you see the world around you. Your judgement of the difficulty the world is facing is stopping you from evolving. It is also negatively impacting on the planet, as every thought you have is part of the magnetic electricity that is the vital life force of our existence.

I recently listened to a discussion on the refugee issue: Opinions ranged from deep compassion and the desire to reach out to help to downright denial and aggressive judgement of the refugees.

I couldn’t help but note how everyone was determined to defend their point of view as if it where the only one that mattered. In a multi dimensional universe we create our reality through focus. What you observe is just the result of past focus. In order to change anything you have to change what you focus on instead of looking critically at what you see today.

Under every grief and pine runs a joy with silken twine…

You can choose to focus on the problems of the collapsing system, alas you won’t stop the system from collapsing. You can promote hatred and condemnation of all those who have got it “wrong” and the world will remain the same.

Human intransigence has lead us into many a war, ecological disaster and cosmic occurrences which could be avoided with a little more focus on the inner realm.

When I work with my clients I show them how to turn a bad feeling over a losing trading streak, or an argument they may have had with their spouse into neutrality and compassion.

When you focus on discovering your inner strengths, your access your innate powers and the peace that resides in the heart space of every one of us. You re-gain that feeling of connection to the cosmic energy of which we are all part.

Your ability to be compassionate and loving free from the fear of losing your identity improves your (trading) life.

Studies of working with the power spots in the earth to improve environmental harmony have shown that when we identify and augment natural power junctures in the earth’s energy grid we are not only raising the energy in the environment, in time new positive energy spots appear in the vicinity of the original power spot.

The higher frequencies make you feel better, your thinking moves from defensive into expansion and you will find it easier to embrace new ideas and new teachings.

The principle is so simple, yet incredibly profound

It is the underpinning of reality creation from a higher perspective. Understand this and make it your own, and you will begin to live and act very differently.

Changing how you see yourself and how you interact with yourself is the key that unlocks positive change way beyond your trading.

Give yourself permission to let universal guidance lead you to new horizons.

The path is not as difficult as you may think.  Alas you are the only one who can make the changes. You are always in the driving seat, even when you are unaware of it.

When are you going to give yourself permission to re-invent yourself?