Tools and Techniques to Develop the Mental Edge

Creative Visualization For Improved Trading Results

Regular visualization is proven to improve performance by up to 10%. Professional athletes use it to improve performance, yet traders are for the most part unaware how this tool could have a positive impact on their trading results:

At the beginning of this year I started working with a group of professional traders to help them improve their trading performance.  The group was given a novel form of meditation which I developed with the aim to help them get out of their linear minds into a more creative and relaxed state of mind.

The meditations included visualization techniques which were combined with experiencing a positive feeling tone when memorizing a certain event, or image.

The brain “sees” an image before it creates a thought and an emotion around the image. During your day and also at night the brain will run image after image, similar to a non stop video performance. You are unaware of this process for the most part, just as you are unaware of the thoughts. Repetitive images create repetitive thoughts which will present themselves to your conscious awareness as emotions and feelings, and finally as actions.

Since this process runs automatically we do think that we have no influence over these activities. Rarely do people become aware of the images which are constantly flashing in front of their eyes. They also believe that they have no influence over them.

Yet with regular training you can train your mind to see different images and what’s more, you can become consciously aware of those images.

How do you do this?

One way is meditation. I have discussed the benefits of meditation in a recent article.

The other way is training your mind to “see” in a certain way.

This involves training your mind to look at certain images in a certain way while becoming mindful of how the brain operates.  

Seeing is a matter of consciousness. Your eyes are just the instrument of vision, however, the eyes don’t “see”, but consciousness sees. You can train your consciousness to become aware of anything you choose to put your focus on.

For instance, when you are looking at a chart, you can train the mind to see the chart in a certain way. Training the mind to see beyond the conditioned part, going into the deeper realm of where reality is created, namely through the connection to the collective consciousness, you will find that you begins to engage with the charts in a very different way.

I recently started a subscriber service to help traders understand in very practical terms how this is done. The Trading Psychology & ETF Swing Trader teaches you to look at trading through consciousness, not through the lens of your own mind and your conditioning.

When you learn to see through the lens of consciousness, you are literally “seeing” every trader and all the other players on the planet. You are tapping in an energy field that connects you to the whole of creation.

This connection takes you away from seeing (trading) life through the individualized form of your humanness, bringing you in alignment with the concept of oneness. When in this state, mental barriers fall away, as the mind relaxes in the experience of oneness. This is the state in which you can access those hidden gems of your mind.

With regular practice you learn to be still for longer and longer periods. The images in your mind will reveal themselves to you and you can begin the process of becoming present with those images and then changing them, if you do not like what you “see”.  The longer you can hold on to an image the more powerful it becomes. It is the beginning of creating a new (trading) reality.

Train yourself to see the image of a perfect chart pattern. “See” how you trade it well. With practice you will see every move on the chart clearly whilst also feeling into the emotions at the same time. You can also get into that inner vision state in seconds with practice.

Gaining control over our innermost mental processes is hugely empowering. Not just for your trading, or investing, but for your entire life. You will notice that it is the game changer that can bring you benefits you cannot even imagine right now, because you have never experienced these inner states of mental clarity.

We are so used to living on a busy mental highway that the mere idea of trading from within is a challenge. Our lives are designed to react to outside stimulation, which completely drowns out the subtle inner energies which are the real source of everything you create in life.

Learning proper techniques to visualize images of successful trading gives you yet another edge in the markets. You will “see” before other traders see what is about to happen.

Honing your ability of “seeing” through your inner eye will over time noticeably improve your trading results.