Author: Brad Stafford

Is it all over for the S&P500?

The S&P500 market, along with the other equity markets, rallied sharply and created a massive gain of 20% in a matter of weeks. This is the biggest and fastest gain that these indices have seen since the 1930s. So the...

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Is the move in crude oil over?

Crude oil plays such an integral part in our lives whether we care to admit it or not. This one source of energy drives the US economy and indeed the world’s economy. So what’s ahead for the new black gold? After...

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Can the U.S. survive $80 crude oil?

Can the U.S. survive $80 crude oil? For the first time since September of 2007, the crude oil (NYME_CL) market has flashed a positive signal that it is headed higher. This is the first buy signal that we have seen in over 18...

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A Bad Trade Is Like A Dead Fish …

One of the most important tools that a trader possesses is his or her mind. Attitude can either make or break you as a trader. To become a successful trader it begins with believing in yourself and having a winning attitude....

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