Author: Christian Robinson

Monday 12/3/12 Grain Marketing Letter

December 3, 2012 Written by Chris Robinson Corn: March corn settled up 2 1/4 cents at 7.54 3/4 . CH posted its high at 7:30 AM but then leaked lower all day, breaking 15 cents from its highs. A 5 cent rally in the last 3 minutes...

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December is living up to its Reputation

Wheat, corn and beans leaking from earlier highs. The action is not very encouraging for the bulls. Either there is a lack of interest or just fatigue. Anytime the market gets bullish news and can’t hold a rally,...

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A nickle is the best the bulls can do?

So far, wheat, corn and beans are only up a nickle. Not a very powerful rally in the wake of announcement that Egypt bought US Wheat. What does this mean? I am not really sure. I would have thought we would have been 15 to 20...

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Egypt Buys US wheat

Apparently 4-month low in US wheat and Friday’s ugly close brought out the value shoppers in Egypt. Seems like Egyptian politicians are just like any other politicians. They know what happens when their subjects...

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Grains Settle lower across the board

March corn down 6 1/2 : March wheat down 20: March beans down 9. We might have one more flush down next week in the grains. November is over. Last Friday of the month. Last trading day of the month. March corn 7.47 is 38%...

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