Author: Dan Passarelli

The Stock Repair Strategy

The Stock Repair StrategyIt’s been a rough ride for a lot of investors. Formerly solid bellwether stocks like General Electric (GE), Caterpillar (CAT) and Citigroup (C) have taken a beating. Some investors are waiting...

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MTM Facebook Page

Hi, friends. Long time, no blog! Sorry. Busy, busy, busy. Market Taker Mentoring LLC has a facebook page! you can interact with fellow traders, share trade ideas, and learn more about trading. Visit the page today and meet like...

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Entering An Option Trade

Entering An Option Trade Nickels add up. It is true. If you are an option trader you probably realize this. Every nickel you make (or save) per option contract is $5. That is $50 on a 10-lot and $500 on each 100-lot. Over weeks,...

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Entering a Trade

Nickels add up. It’s true. If you’re an option trader you realize this by now. Each nickel you make (or save) on an option contract is $5 in your pocket. That’s $50 on a 10-lot; $500 on a 100-lot. Over the...

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Fact or VIXion

The CBOE Volatility Index®, or “theVIX®”, has been at historically high levels for a while now. The question for today is: How long can it stay this high? To answer, let’s first examine what the VIX is...

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The Battle of the Brain

No matter how long you’ve been a trader, it’s easy to slip into bad habits. Among the worst habits for traders new and old is to be undisciplined.Though there are many different trading philosophies, strategies and...

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Black Gold, Texas Tea

A friend of mine emailed me today inquiring about oil. “it’s at it’s lows”, he said, “looks like it bottomed out; gotta rally from here”. Well, I don’t know if he’s right or wrong,...

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