Author: George Albert

Dollar rally still intact

May 16, 2010: The dollar written off by leading economists and experts late last year has rallied and still has some upside left. Technical analysis indicates that the dollar has the potential to rise another 4.5%. Click here...

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Busting the volume myth

April 13, 2010: It’s never too late to junk old teachings. One key lesson all technical traders learn is that high volume is necessary for prices to rally or drop sharply. In fact the contrary is true. Sharp rallies and...

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Dollar index breaks out of consolidation

March 30, 2010: The dollar index has finally broken out of consolidation and is moving up to the next resistance area. A rising dollar is bearish for stocks, precious metals and commodities. Capturetrends had predicted the rally...

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Indian markets hit resistance

March 23, 2010: The Indian stock market hit resistance calling for a re-look of your exposure to  India Let us look at the chart of benchmark index of the Indian stock market–Sensex–  to identify market...

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Seeking the brighter metal

The boring old cliche goes,  “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.”  Cliches may be boring but they hold true, at least for gold and silver. So if you are debating whether to play gold or silver, look...

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Dollar bull alive and kicking

March 1, 2010: The bearish dollar “experts” have disappeared. Where are they now? They were extremely bearish in November 2009, when we were turning bullish. So may we say, “we told you so.” It was very...

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Caution warranted for spot dollar bears

November 14, 2009: The dollar index broke its down trend line on the weekly chart and the commodity channel index (CCI) shows positive divergence, putting bears on notice. For three weeks the cash dollar has closed above the...

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Dollar futures at strong support

November 15, 2009: Three factors are stacking the odds in the favor of bulls on the dollar futures contract. Prices are near support, the down trend line is broken and the commodity channel index shows positive divergence. A...

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