In the end all we have to say is things didn’t act all that well. The $100.00 sell off in gold over the last few days and the big drop in the EURO currency and crude are gigantic moves. Many times in the past when you see...

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So what Pit bull says ?

VISION FINANCIAL MARKETSOut of the last 12 Mondays; 1 was closed, 2 were down and 9 have been up. One of the down days was only off .60 and the other down 10.50.Total loosing handles over the 10 weeks adds up to -11.1 handles;...

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Friday report – Bottom line

We have to wait to get a look at the jobs numbers and see if we have “over sized” GLOBEX volumes.Overall we don’t have a good feeling about the markets right now. They are LONG over due for a pull back which...

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So are we due to correction?

Thanksgiving has been a very positive for the markets , especially on Fridays. The fact the last Friday ended red has been a poor suprise for seasonality traders and bulls as well.I consider Friday action as a try to minor the...

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Houston, Do we have a problem?

The market grinding up as only the expiry week had the ability to temporary halt.The image below shows the market resistance with the downtrend line stretched from 1550 area.So what can we do now? The market can start a...

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