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The following 4 hour GU chart shows the inverse head and shoulders neck line being tested along with price hovering over the 61.8 fib level.GU...

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EU Update

Below is the EU 15 minute chart. A close above the upper TL and its possible the longs will resume. A close below the lower TL and we will continue in the trade and watch the red support areas.(Anticipating the bearish Hidden...

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Pairs to stalk

I will be watching 2 pairs tonight, the GU and the EU. I really like the EU as it seems to be a bit more clean.GU 4 HourThe GU formed an H4 head and shoulders pattern. The price closed below the NL, sold off a bit, spiked back...

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GBP/USD for the coming week.

This could be a very interesting week for the GBP/USD and the GBP/JPY. (the daily charts are very similiar). We will look at the GBP/USD since the DX will be playing a huge roll in the GBP/USD this week. In order for the GBP/USD...

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Most of my members have noticed that I dont care much about pip count. If I did, I would be tracking the pips in a differnt way. What I DO care about is a) account safety and b) consistant account increase. If you take a look at...

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Post Title.

MACD bearish hidden divergence along with the CCI zero line rejection (historically) takes the price down a few hundred pips. The price is also at the top of the bear flag on the daily.This daily chart meets both criteria for a...

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GJ trade

Nice 4 hour bear flag. The 1 hr and the daily charts both have bearish hidden divergence.The 1 hr also has decreasing volume all of which are signaling a down move.GJ 4 hour...

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