Author: John Rowa

Time to Short the Bund?

Nic Lenoir from ICAP thinks nobody in Europe has any idea how to fix this growing problem–I concur. From As I have suggested a few days ago, there are not that many reasons to want to own German Bunds...

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Do Trading Strategies Work?

I have long believed that it is a fundamental law of the markets that trading strategies do not work. At least not in the long run. This is based on that fact that if they did, then eventually everyone would use the winning...

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Where is the Bottom in AUDUSD?

Last week I wrote that I expected a large drop in AUDUSD if the RBA signaled that they would be holding rates steady. Well they did, and boy did we get a drop. The pair has fallen down to the 0.8800 level. The 0.8600 level still...

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