DAX One Hour EW

And US market followed it.  Heres how and why I found it from Europe after drop was done and had even time to make that post once it was done. I knew that at least major shortcovering is coming by end of Globex...

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Ventas – HealthCare, RealEstate

Blue line is interesting, this line is where traditional TA analyse traders will go short and once its broken for upside, they are stopped. The reason for it is that they threat this top as triangle, sideways triangle while in...

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SPX 1150

Covered intrashort, closed also Amazon short, I dont like the situation that Amazon does have monthly and weekly EW divergences exist, they are at buyside.It might correct this impulse fully but something warns me it might be...

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Twin – Diversified Machinery

As similiar as this one is another one called Manufacturing machinery stock Robbins & Myers (RBN). Attatched weekly chart of RBN as third one while 2 first ones are TWIN weekly &...

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Finally Weekend – SPX Daily EW Chart

This is the EW chart how my best friend see this situation.  Originally he was targeting to short 1250-1260.  It is not opinion of one of those Prechters who are allways bearish anyway (or been either during the...

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Friday Evening & Vodka

I made today very large scale and long base investment for CEDC, it trades in Europe (Poland) and US but I took it from US. Below are weekly and daily charts for it which explains some reasons. I mentioned this stock week ago...

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That opened well, the new week ;). JDSU earned second best position from SPX stocks, whole SVU 8:th best and BAC in the topnotch 20 performers as well. MU did came up +9% as well but that´s not SPX attatched. CEDC is...

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