Author: Jack Cahn, Thinking Man's Trader

MarketMap 2012 Annual Outlook

“All economic movements, by their very nature, are motivated by crowd psychology. Without due recognition of crowd-thinking … our theories of economics leave much to be desired. It has always seemed to me that the...

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big dog day trader

A trader when you got it, you got it, when you don’t you’re out of the business. In the 1990s the basics of Big Dog trader was white labelled to a guy who wanted to break into the future’s trading business....

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Wolverine performance charts updated

See the latest updates to Wolverine performance charts: Wolverine Futures & Forex We added the FOREX portfolio to the results overview. As usual – if you find interesting instruments or strategies plz contact Jack...

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MarketMap™ 2011.9.27

MarketMap™ is focused on key dates in October. Panic prone October seasonally it has that reputation. While the label of being the season of crashes since 1929 has stuck, most people see it as the beginning of a decline...

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