Author: Kevin Davey, KJ Trading Systems

Learn From a Teacher, or a Trader?

There is an old saying “those who can do, and those who can’t, teach.” I’m not sure where that phrase originated, but it is true in many professions. Think of professional sports; there are many great...

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Beware of Backtests

If you’ve been looking into trading futures, commodities, forex or stocks, you’ve probably been exposed to “backtest” results. These results purportedly show what a trading method would have done in the...

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Castles Made Of Sand

Jimi Hendrix was an extraordinary guitarist, but most people focused just on his guitar playing abilities, not realizing his lyrics were often quite poetic. In one song, he sings “Castles made of sand, fall in the...

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Scaling The Heights With Forex

I was recently asked by a new trader about Scale Trading in the Forex Market. I hope this inexperienced trader and I are talking about the same idea when we mention “scale trading.” In case you do not know what scale...

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That’s A Sneaky Trick

I saw an advertisement for a futures trading system the other day, and I’d thought I would discuss it here. Now normally, I trade only futures, forex and commodity systems I create, since I know exactly what goes in them,...

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Hot For Trading

At one of the websites I frequent, someone recently asked “Isn’t trading exciting?” As someone who has been trading for 18 years, I thought I’d share my perspective. Good trading in stocks, futures, forex...

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The 90 Percent Club

If you’ve been around investment circles long enough, you have undoubtedly seen ads for stock, futures, forex or commodity systems, services or newsletters claiming a 90% or greater winning trade rate. This, of course,...

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Focus On The Negative

With almost every decision in life, people tend to focus on the positive, and minimize the negative.  Think about buying a house – what entices you first?  Usually, it is curb appeal, and if your first impression...

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