Author: Kevin Klombies

Chart Presentation: Thesis Time

With the markets essentially closed yesterday we found the time to do some work on a new thesis. Given the sheer scope of the argument we have extended the analysis over the fourth page with the wrap up on page five. To set the...

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Chart Presentation: Apple Thoughts

Our basic view has been that as long as the long end of the Treasury market remains flat in terms of price the S&P 500 Index should grind to the upside. From time to time the trend gets somewhat choppy but as best as we can...

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Chart Presentation: Looking Forward

We have three explanations for Friday’s stock market decline. Well, perhaps four.First, it was Friday, October 19th- the anniversary of the Friday, October 19th, 1987 stock market crash. Second, the seasonal trend argues...

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Chart Presentation: Claims

It is once again time for the U.S. weekly jobless claims report. We have argued for the past few years that this is likely the most important economic number for the markets. Inflation numbers come and go, trade deficits rise...

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