Author: Michael Kahn

Venom to Spirit Air

Two weeks ago, my wife and I had a nice little fight about an upcoming trip to visit a college with my daughter. A big part of it had to do with Spirit Airlines being the only option for the trip. I hate Spirit. No, really, I...

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Finally back after the hurricane

We had no power for 13 days. No telephone for 17 days. No TV or Internet for 18 days. But the house is standing, nothing was flooded and only a few trees came tumbling down. We had it so much better than thousands in the area....

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No power, no problem

No power, no problem? Well, let’s just say I’m doing things the old fashioned way. No, I am not out back churning butter by hand but I am washing the dishes with a sponge and some soap. Kind of makes you appreciate...

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Sandy’s Luxury Camping

While I am certainly impacted by Hurricane Franken-Sandy it is certainly not to the extent of those near the shorelines. We had very little rain on Long Island and since I live miles from the coast there was no flooding at all....

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Investors not welcome

I run a daily chart-oriented newsletter and as I was preparing for this morning’s missive the Dow was of triple digits in the premarket. I thought back to a customer who called to cancel his subscription just yesterday....

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Happy 25th Anniversary!

Here are some musings from this morning’s Quick Takes Pro newsletter (subtle hint – take a free trial). It is hard to believe it was 25 years ago today that the Crash of ’87 sent the financial world into panic....

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Europe Saves the Market – again

This time in video format. Enjoy! Scroll down to the Oct 11 post where I threw down the gauntlet to Super Mario Draghi to save the market for the third time. Lo and behold (how regal!), Spain did it by...

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You’re up Mario

I touch on the timing of ECB and Fed intervention in my Barron’s Online column today. It seems that they happened lately at the 50-day average and newly formed rising trendline from June. The problem is that both central...

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Market Sheep

I really don’t have a ground breaking post for you after a week of having my daughter in the hospital (and wife staying with her – everyone came home today). But I do have something that just hit me this morning....

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