Market Update 26 Jan 2010

Equities steadied early NY helped by a decent Consumer Confidence number and some more good Earnings Reports following more fears of Chinese credit tightening overnight, which hit Equity Futures during the Asian and early Europe...

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Market Update 25 Jan 2010

Equities did find some composure today, helped somewhat by good demand for Greeces’ bond issue, some decent corporate earnings reports and ‘bargain’ hunting, even in spite of US existing home sales...

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Market Update 24 Jan 2010

We closed out last week with fear again sweeping the markets, Stocks taking heavy losses and closing near their lows. With risk firmly taking a back seat, we seen significant gains for the Yen and the Dollar against...

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Market Update 21 Jan 2010

The Chinese data did print hot overnight (4th QTR GDP +10.7%, higher consumer inflation of 2% and Retail Sales up 16.9%. HOT!). We did ultimately get much of a repeat of the yesterdays risk averse trade, with...

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Market Update 20 Jan 2010

Today was a big ‘risk off’ day. With the perceived decision by China to try to curb bank lending and control the pace of credit growth this year, amid rumours that they could raise the actual lending rate...

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Market Update 19 Jan 2010

Sorry for the lack of update the last couple of nights. Today the dollar made further gains during our ‘risk off’  european session; Equities did make a strong recovery during NY (S&P finishing on...

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Market Update 14 Jan 2010

Not really much to add tonight, havent had much time to follow the market today. Aussie employment and Chinese House prices came in hot overnight helping push the yen lower  during late Asia and early Europe. However,...

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Market Update 13 Jan 2010

Equities moved right back up today, making up a lot of yesterdays losses, even with a dearth of any significant news flow. After a shaky start on Wall Street, the buyers were eager to get right back in following yesterdays sell...

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Market Update 12 Jan 2010

We seen a sell off in equities today, over earnings fears following Alcoas’ miss last night and Chinas’ decision to raise its bank reserve requirement by 0.5% to 16.0% furthering tightening its’ monetary...

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Market Update 11 Jan 2010

So the dollar dropped across the board today on a combination of risk appetite helping commodity stocks, gold and crude and a hangover from the dissapointing payrolls data. USDX still holding support however at around...

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