Author: Mark Sturdy

Gold’s strength and vulnerability

WEEKLY GOLD CHART The market’s run from the hesitation and pause at the 1980 high is clear. The resolution of that pause was the creation of a Head and Shoulders continuation pattern. That catalyst set in motion the next...

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Oil looks weak

If the developed economies of the US. Euro zone and UK fall into recession, oil demand will weaken. The oil price over recent weeks has begun to price that in, but has it gone far enough? TECHNICALS: WEEKLY CHART The...

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Copper Back at Pivotal Support Area

The May/Jul recovery in Copper prices, from earlier Fibonacci support, stopped short of the Feb high and, now, the recent quick reversal has seen the market return to key supports on the daily and longer term charts. WEEKLY...

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Pullback In AUD/USD Hits Key Support Area

After reaching a target on the long term chart AUD/USD has pulled back smartly, testing a pivotal Fibonacci support area. Bears will strengthen their ranks on a break of this. MONTHLY CHART: Note how clear resistance has been...

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Crude Oil Seeping To Lower Levels

The strong rally in Brent Crude in July put bears on a cautious footing. However, a decisive reversal at Fibonacci resistance has kept the medium term bear outlook intact. BRENT WEEKLY CHART -CONTINUATION Earlier support around...

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