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Trend Change Warnings

I had a busy week in the Extended Learning Track (XLT) for Stocks last week. We had some great trading sessions, but where I think students benefited the most was in Tuesday’s Student Trade Review. This session is an...

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Bored and Undisciplined

Hello traders! As I sit here writing this article, the weather is beautiful in Texas. It’s about 65 degrees, a mild breeze, with a cold front on the way to take us down to 55. This is December weather I can live with! I...

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Market Observations

We are nearing the end of the calendar year and also some supply zones on the major equity indexes. The Nifty and Sensex are making multi-year highs and the tone in the markets is bullish. This alone is a warning sign that there...

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The Paradox of Trading

I read with intense interest in the OTA community forums a thread that included this question: “Are you caught up in trading and not caught up in making money?” This is a very legitimate question in light of the fact...

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Edging Towards Profitability

Every successful business must have an edge, a consistent source of profitability. A casino’s edge is the rules of the game, which give them a mathematical advantage. A seller of goods has a way to obtain the goods, and a...

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Multiple Asset Classes?

I was giving a talk to a group of Online Trading Academy students in Atlanta, Georgia yesterday. These were students who had taken multiple classes at the center and were trading several asset classes in their own portfolios....

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Getting Paid

“Cut your losses short and let your profits run.” So many traders chant that mantra while working in the markets. Anyone who has ever had money in the markets knows that this is an easy thing to say but much harder...

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