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Bearish Measured Move Pattern

Bearish measured move or measured move down is a three phased continuation chart pattern. The pattern starts as reversal of an existing uptrend but is considered as continuation pattern as the pattern is only confirmed after the...

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Bullish Measured Move Chart Pattern

Bullish measured move or measured move up is a continuation chart pattern which starts as a reversal pattern. This is a three phased formation which forms over several months. The 3 phases of bullish measured move are reversal...

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Trading Rectangle Chart Pattern

Rectangle pattern is a trend-continuation chart pattern indicating the continuation of an existing trend after a period of consolidation. It is an easy-to-recognize chart pattern with (almost) equal highs and lows. Rectangle...

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Triple Top Chart Pattern

Triple top is a trend reversal chart pattern indicating the reversal of an existing uptrend and the start of a new downtrend. The pattern is relatively rare but considered a very reliable signal for short selling and to close...

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Bump and Run Reversal Chart Pattern

Bump and run reversal or BARR is a chart pattern indicating the reversal of an existing trend. The pattern was first identified by Thomas Bulkowski and was originally named Bump and Run Formation (BARF). Bump and run reversal is...

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