Author: Paul Kogut

Not As High As An Elephants Eye

Current crop conditions continue to deteriorate in the Midwest, with no relief in sight. While it is easy to make predictions, we feel it is more important to look at actual numbers than to pontificate about what could happen....

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Understanding Gaps

With the advent of 24 hour a day trading the number of gaps that show up on the charts are not nearly as numerous as they were in the past. Still they are a very useful tool that way too many traders overlook. A gap occurs when...

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Is The Commodity Bull Dead?

Is The Commodity Bull Dead? Recent weakness across a wide array of commodities has led to a cry among many analysts that the bull market has come to an end. Indeed, much technical damage has been done to the individual charts...

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The Case For Food

With fall quickly approaching, the US farming industry is facing a record corn harvest. Yet, the balance between supply and demand for the new crop year looks incredibly tight. Certainly the drought induced reduction in coarse...

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S&P Alert

Price gaps are a very useful tool that way too many traders overlook. A gap occurs when a price bar opens and remains outside of the previous bars range. Gaps tend to provide significant support/resistance once they are formed....

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Greek Drama

  A Comedy or Tragedy ?             In the ancient Greek theater, the difference between a comedy and tragedy was that in a comedy the participants discovered...

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