Author: Peter Ruud

Daily DXY Roundup: 11/03

The DXY’s (US Dollar Index) rally faded after the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee). Closing price-action confirmed follow-through from Tuesday’s bearish engulfment pattern. The latest consolidation break-down has...

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EUR/USD and Euro Index Diverge Once Again

Price-action in FX markets continues to be largely driven by positioning rather than fundamental factors. The latest CFTC IMM report highlighted a 10% reversal of the largest net short position seen since late 2007. This has...

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Dollar Forms Key Reversal Pattern

Often when risk appetite flourishes such as it has recently, investors tend to sell low yielding assets such as bonds, and buy higher yielding assets such as stocks. However, since Goldman Sachs ignited the quantitative easing...

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Bond Market Bubble?

The FOMC minutes published on Tuesday continued to remind investors of the Federal Reserve’s commitment to ultra-low interest rates. Since then, however, the long-end of the curve has sold-off quite dramatically. The...

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