Author: Ross Yamashita

USD/CHF Anlaysis

Greetings.Let’s take a look at the USD/CHF daily chart.It does seem the low in August is holding up and we’re in an upward retracement. Although we may see a little downward retracement from the strong move up, once...

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NZD/USD Anlaysis

Greetings.Let’s pull up the NZD/USD chart.As we can see, we had a nice move down through August followed by some upward movement. We broke down from the bottom trend line and now it appears we have more potential selling...

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GBP/USD Anlaysis

Greetings.Let’s take a look at the GBP/USD hourly chart. As you can see, we’re in a rising channel and we’re currently touching the bottom trend line. It’s a little too early to tell if yesterday’s...

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GBP/CAD Outlook

Greetings.Let’s take a look at the GBP/CAD chart. We’re in a nice downward movement and from the daily to the hourly, it looks like the downward movement will potentially continue. In the shorter term, look for the...

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EUR/CHF Outlook

Greetings.Let’s take a look at the EUR/CHF. The pair has been trending down since the beginning of April and the question is – will the downtrend continue?It does seem the upward movement we’ve seen over the...

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NZD/USD Outlook

Greetings.Let’s take a look at the NZD/USD chart.Our recent high is hovering right around the high of 2008. Looking at the hourly chart, the pair does show more potential bullish action – for a potential price point...

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EUR/GBP Outlook

Greetings.Let’s take a look at the EUR/GBP. We have broken the upper trend line channel and it looks like the pair will be potentially pushing up from this point. Look for the pair to potentially test the .9200 price area....

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AUD/JPY Analysis

Greetings.Let’s take a look at the AUD/JPY chart. You can see we had a steep rise in March and now in the 3rd month of a declining channel. If you take the Fibonacci from the extreme price points, we barely touched the...

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EUR/CHF Analysis

Greetings and welcome back.Let’s take a look at the EUR/CHF hourly chart. As you can see, we’ve seen a nice downtrending market since late April and it looks like there is still more potential movement to the...

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GBP/USD NFP Projections

Greetings and welcome to another NFP report.Let’s take a look at some GBP/USD projections:Up: 1.6430Down: 1.6150As always, be sure to protect any profits and watch your trades during the announcement.Good luck with NFP and...

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