Author: Robert Pal

New High Market Tour Update

The S&P 500 hit a new high this week, gaining 1.6%.  Reviewing the Baseline Analytics Trend and Sentiment chart published in our public charts on, most technical indicators for this major index (and the...

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Leading Indicator to a Market Top?

An interesting pattern has emerged in the ratio of Small Cap stocks vs. Large Cap stocks. The Small Cap/Large Cap ratio is comprised of the Dow Jones US Small Cap Index divided by the Dow Jones Large Cap Index. In March 2006,...

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Baseline Analytics Market Tour

Trading range with a potential upside bias is anticipated. Outperformance of the NASDAQ is a positive despite underperformance of financials.  Dow Theory remains on a buy signal and major indice ETF’s (especially IWM...

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Resumption of Rally

Our Market Tour on depicts bullish, bearish and neutral signals in green, red and black, respectively. Most signals today are green (bullish). Although the rally from the March lows has come a long way, we have...

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Tuesday Update: An Aging Rally

Market Position: Neutral-Bearish     Tuesday’s modest recovery (on light volume) from Monday’s sell-off suggest either a pause in the correction (with more to follow) or the completion of a minor...

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Weekend Update

Current Position: Neutral-Bearish Click here for current market tour on We believe that further gains are limited at this point. Some decent basing patterns are appearing in IBD 100 stocks, however we feel that...

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Retracement expected

Market Position: Neutral-Bearish Click here for the current Market Tour on A pause in the rally is expected; SPX target is 940-960 (close 987), Nasdaq target is 1900-1940 (close 1979), for a 4-5% correction. Bear...

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Uptrend ready to pause

Short-term: Neutral Click here for Market Tour SPX formed a hanging man at its high today as it works through a sideways consolidation. Advance-Decline data has weakened (for both SPX and Nasdaq) but remain positive. A firming...

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