Author: Saj Karsan

QLogic: Likely Undervalued

Shares of QLogic (QLGC) have been thrashed over the last couple of years. But this is a well-capitalized company in a growing industry that is a market leader in many of its product segments. QLogic trades for just over $800...

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The Black Book of Communism

I’ve known for a while (through understanding economics and some history) that communism lowers a society’s standard of living, and thus kills unintentionally. What I did not realize until reading Pann?’s The...

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High Digital Marks

Digimarc (DMRC) has seen tremendous stock price volatility in recent quarters, which is generally par for the course for most small cap companies. Currently, the stock trades almost 60% below its 1.5 year high, potentially...

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Dorel: Worth The Wait

Dorel is one of the oldest stocks on this site’s Stock Ideas page, but its time to join the Value In Action page has finally come. Having fallen to as low as $16/share in 2009, the stock now trades for almost $40/share,...

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Why We Buy By Underhill

I recently had the opportunity to read retail consultant Paco Underhill’s Why We Buy and I’m smarter for it. The title is misleading, however; it’s not so much about “why we buy” as it is about...

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Selling In Vancouver

Frequent visitors to this site will recall a series of articles a few months back examining whether Vancouver, Canada is indeed in the midst of a real estate bubble. Those articles weren’t just for your benefit; they were...

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Fooling Mr. Market

Yesterday, shares of TSR Corp fell almost 20% as Mr. Market probably believes the company’s shares no longer trade with the massive 30% dividend yield the company plans to pay out. But this is no ordinary payout! As we saw...

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