Author: Steven Karp

Keeping Faith – March 03, 2010

Question: What’s a trader to do when a less than stellar year is followed by an even worse beginning of the new year?  Answer: Keep the faith and continue to trade like nothing is different.  Last year my trading...

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Gold Update – March 1, 2010

Gold continues to refuse to play its hand, so we have yet to learn if  we are in a new downtrend or just a correction of the continuing uptrend. I am on a short-term buy signal since 2/16/2010 but that will soon end...

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Gold Update – February 12, 2010

Just a quick update on gold. Unlike silver, which gave a long-term sell signal this week, the picture is less clear for gold. The recent correction looks like it may be complete. I have posted the gold etf GLD and you can see...

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Cocoa Update – January 27, 2010

Cocoa has been in a sideways consolidation since about November. Today’s decline into the 3180 area may be indicating the the seasonal slide into February is ready to commence. Of course, further action will be necessary...

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Cocoa Update – January 5, 2010

What’s being going on in the Cocoa market since we issued a sell signal on December 18 at 3251?   Well, as the chart below shows, not much. Seasonal patterns suggest Cocoa should head lower into February but a...

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