Author: Alex Kazmarck

SpotEuro Forex Daily Outlook March 24, 2010

We seem to be stuck in some mud. We continue to talk about the uncertainty of the market, the lack of direction, and the lack of correlation between the majors. The commodity pairs are very stubborn and don’t seem to turn...

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SpotEuro Forex Daily Outlook March 5, 2010

Happy Friday Traders! We’re going to have a VERY interesting trading session later today, during the release of the very important Non-Farm Payrolls. The market is very volatile and can go either way at this point. The...

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SpotEuro Forex Daily Outlook March 4, 2010

Hello Traders! The euro continued to strengthen to 1.3700 as Greece announced further budget cuts and tax increases. The concern for the trader is now the volatility that will come out from unexpected news in the coming months...

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SpotEuro Forex Daily Outlook March 3, 2010

Market uncertainty is the main theme here today. After seeing the euro break below recent lows of 1.3435 vs. the USD, it immediately reversed higher to trade at 1.3600 a few hours later. A very uncommon market led to very common...

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SpotEuro Forex Daily Outlook March 2, 2010

Hi Traders, A very fierce trading session yesterday. Initially, the market did just as expected, the euro started gaining ground before and during the first several hours of the London session but things crashed soon after more...

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