Author: Sunny Harris

New Stop-Off at 11,500 on the Dow

It now looks like the next stopping off point is at 11,500, before the Dow turns and tackles the climb up to 13,000. That sounds pretty low. But, the current run down looks pretty deliberately headed for lower territory. And I...

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Response to iPad

Regarding politicians complaining that the iPad is destroying jobs, like libraries, bookstores and all book-related jobs–Here’s my response:When Gutenberg first started printing books, the public was all up in arms...

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One more fast move up

One more fast move up is all we need to complete the run to the Attractor at 11,750. Once that is touched, it will probably turn back down until it reaches 10,740.After that correction, it will be back to the small bull market...

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Bring It On, Folks

Let’s get this thing going. As soon as I get 20 followers, I’ll start posting each weekend. When I get 100 followers I’ll post daily.Then you will have short-term trading advice straight from the TradeStation...

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Choppiness Abounds

The Dow still sits under the 11,397 Attractor, just chopping around sideways. This is not a good time to be trading this market. I still think the Dow will rise to the occasion and make its way on up to the Attractor. But, it...

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