Author: Samuel robinson

Obama Not Returning! Take Kare!

Obama knows his time is limited. I mean let’s face it he wasn’t exactly dealt the best hand when he came into office. He has not created jobs and he knew he could not do this without help from Congress. If there is...

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Cotton was down on cancellations

From Bloomberg: Cotton futures fell the most in more than two weeks after a report showed overseas buyers scrapped orders for supplies from the U.S., the world’s biggest exporter. Orange juice rose. In the week ended Aug....

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Germany in the Hot Seat

Again, please do not be fooled about earnings. Most companies are doing well because of costs savings and raising their prices. The consumer is still struggling and with today’s news that Germany had a bad GDP...

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Do not be Fooled

Hedge funds and owners of companies seem to purchasing bank preferred stocks. This is what they did in 2008 when the market fell 700 points and of course because of the financial crisis. Some are yielding as high as 10% because...

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Weak export sales pressure cotton

Cotton prices fell back yesterday as again weak export sales were reported. Net export sales reported by USDA were 40,600 running bales. Old crop commitments again dropped, with more cancellations. The marketing year ends this...

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Financial Companies Pay

How many times can the financial companies get sued before they shut them down. I mean really! Between Goldman Sachs and UBS they have probably shelled out billions to agencies, tax payers, and investors. Maybe they have more...

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Drought in Texas could cost farmers

The news out of Texas continues to be bad: From NPR: “The drought has spread over much of the southern U.S., leaving Oklahoma the driest it has been since the 1930s and setting records from Louisiana to New Mexico. But the...

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Weather remains a hot topic

Looking at the above map, you see a mild increase in the expected rains about 5-7 days out with the end of July looking wetter today than at any point in the last week. Heat remains through the weekend then it moderates to a...

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Why the Suprised Look?

Why is everyone surprised that companies are reporting profits? They have had 3 years to restructure, meaning layoffs and the opportunity to pay debt down. Financials firms were allowed to write-off bad debt which no one knows...

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