Author: T.S. Hennessy

Latest S&P500 Wave Count

Get the Latest S&P500 New Elliott Wave Rule Wave Count There are specific and important differences in counting that you need to know about. The S&P500 and most every other global market is in a correction of massive...

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Elliott Wave Theory Not a Theory

Elliott Wave Theory is Not a Theory { nor is it a Religion! } In the whole spectrum of Technical Analysis the one constant is personal preference. There is such a variety of methods and indicators and even settings of indicators...

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Elliott Wave Rules Upgrade

Elliott Wave Rules Upgraded and Previewed S&P 500 Drop Last Week. Well at least the New Elliott Wave Rule did! It may very well be that through some very hard and tedious ‘extensions’ guesswork an EW technician...

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Get Latest DOW Count

Get Latest DOW Count Your Must See DOW Count from New Elliott Wave Rule Does going lower mean we are falling into the abyss? Definitive Wave Counts is what this is about. Most are Unaware of the New Rule. What good are Elliott...

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Benchmark Count for GBP/USD

Forex’s Sterling Revelation Forex Can’t Hide Count from New Elliott Wave Rule Cracking Forex Wave Counts is what this is about. One thing that formerly was trouble for Forex Traders that use Elliott Wave is lack of...

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DOW JONES Makes its Move Today

The New Elliott Wave Rule shows the DOW Made its Move Today! Today the Dowturned. Did anyone tell you? What will this mean for your Stocks, FOREX Pairs, Commodities? A BRAND NEW RULE HAS COME TO ELLIOTT WAVE! Were you aware that...

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A New Elliott Wave Rule!

This is a Breakthrough in Elliott Wave Rules. The New Elliott Wave Rule Finally Made Available! Through researching technical analysis and numerical relationships in markets a new discovery was made. Elliott Wave Rules just got...

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