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Unbearable Boredom of Trading

Ah, glamorous life of a trader… Shimmering monitors, scrolling news headlines, whispering TV, hot coffee… You are alert, in control, overseeing and managing complicated situations… Suddenly something big...

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Profit: How Do You Handle It?

Consistency is a sign of professionalism.Weird question, isn’t it You pocket it, you smile, brag, drink, spend on that even bigger screen TV or even smarter phone… right Well, yeah – under one condition: after...

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Setup failure is a setup too

There are many ways to play the same chart configuration – that’s what makes trading a mix of art and science, rather than science only. Just like different sculptors will make different art pieces from the same...

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STOPS: Why Don’t We Keep Them

With everything said and written on the subject of stops, it should be a given that everyone is conditioned to keep them religiously even before they start trading. No matter what source a newer trader turns to, utter importance...

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