Author: Vivian Lewis

Virtue Rewarded?

 Superficially, the two leading English-speaking financial center countries are pursuing vastly different policies. Yet both the Pound Sterling and the US Dollar are falling fast. This requires an explanation. To start with...

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Southern Cross, Golden Cross

 Every vote counts in the British Airways Face of Opportunity Contest, whose voting period was extended to November 19. There is still time for her friends, enemies, customers, colleagues, and relatives to vote to send...

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The Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat

 As countries to to force down their currencies with quantitative easing or intervention on foreign exchange markets– or even inflation busting rate increases—I am reminded of how futile it can be. Here are...

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Insidious Insiders

 A buddy, Sylvie, in Paris now, writes: “Paris is rather stressful at the moment, my revolutionary ardor seems to have left me…” I think she is reacting to the “pagaille” being led by high...

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Currency Wars

 Send me really far away, to Australia. Your editor is trying to find a new Australian reporter and you can help. Her submission in the British Airways 2010 Face of Opportunity Contest for small businesses is now live....

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Ninth Decile and DR Help

 A good name is hard to keep or lose. has emerged on the internet from the UK to push foreign exchange and penny stock trading. It is not related to our former bankrupt and disgraced partner which...

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Fingerspitzengefuehl Forecasting Wins

Mark Robinson writes in The Investors Chronicle today: The Chinese State Reserves Bureau is supposedly sitting on a $1.5bn paper profit after it bought heavily in physical copper reserves after the metal’s price slumped in...

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The Economic Outlook: Oy Vey

 The economic outlook: Oy vey. Stanley Fischer, the governor of the Israeli Central Bank, was interviewed by Institutional Investor. He thinks the world faces many problems: “We have taken the major structural...

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