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Update – looking to 2011

Hello Blogosphere!Things are going well, though I have not made the progress in some personal arenas that I intended during my trading hiatus in 2010. My plan is to dedicate 9:00am to 10:30am to read trading blogs and watch the...

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Gone Fishing

Greetings. Hope all had a great new year and holidays.Things are good for me, my business has picked up with my renewed focus and energy put into it, and several of my house projects have accelerated ahead.I’m still very...

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Decision Made

I don’t need an extended cooling period to make the move…I’m going to stop trading and watching the markets for likely at least six months or probably at least a year. I’m thinking I should have my ducks...

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Trade or “Off the Pot” Deadline

Well, it looks like the hard drive died on the new computer. I could of got the lap top going for trading using a one of the monitors, but before I knew it, the week was over.In the meanwhile, this week I got the opportunity to...

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hanging left after the u-turn

On Monday, I finally got my work and mental worlds focused enough to get really motivated to do some paper trading…and the new computer I bought in April did not boot, not even in Safe Mode. I still haven’t figured...

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faking it to I make it

Blindsided, I did not see coming – at all – my interest and energy for trading absolutely falling off the cliff. It was a year ago this month that I opened a TD Ameritrade account on a Friday and purchased $2K of GM...

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Somehow I’ve lost all interest / energy to trade; I would rather do my day job or projects around the house, than to even paper trade.Or go to the batting cages, or research blogs for my fantasy football team, or run...

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another shift in gears

I’m having trouble getting back on track with trading. The break I took after my August losses has left me out of touch with the markets, and I can’t seem to reconnect. I’m going to continue to paper trade when...

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SIM 9.17.09 | 75% Discipline

Today was ugly as I made lots of clerical errors, though it was technically profitable in terms of paper trades.Orders: 25% – I exited two trades immediately by accident by putting in limit orders instead of stops, and I...

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SIM 9.15.09 | No Trades

Watchlist: GOLD APC AGCO LVS DGX ADBE ITT GNW TPX MIR EGOMy charts were screwing up, and lagging so much/not populating with data, I was not able to trade despite all sorts of tinkering. They appear to operational Thursday. Very...

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