Docphil Market Outlook and Bailout News

Docphil Market Outlook and News The CBOE Volatility Index (fear gauge) has just closed at 46.67 on 10th of February and is edging ever so close to the 50 day moving average. It would not be impossible to see it cross over and...

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Docphil Market and News Update

Hi everyone! The CBOE Volatility Index or VIX has moved down recently from reaching a high of 57 on January 20th of this year to a more sombre 42 which is still at a historically high level but it seems that investors are taking...

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Docphil Market Update

Please have a look at the 3 month VantagePoint chart of the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index below: The Predicted Neural Index (green line) is at 0 (bearish); the Predicted Long Term Difference and Predicted Short Term...

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Docphil Market News and Update

Hi everyone!US lawmakers have asked the Treasury to insist on requiring banking institutions sharing in the $700 billion bailout to comply with limits Congress imposed on executive salaries, and use the bailout money for its...

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Docphil Update

It is extremely difficult to tell the situation in the stockmarket at the moment, with investors having faced a barrage of negative economic news, and with the CBOE Volatility Index at record highs, the volatility in stock...

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Docphil Portfolio Update

With a barrage of negative news about the economy and the news of Lehman Bankruptcy hitting us recently, it’s no wonder the sharemarket is not a pretty sight.At the moment, the overall stockmarket could move down a bit...

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Docphil Portfolio

In a volatile market, it is a good idea to make small profits and realise them as they come along.What is the purpose of holding a stock over a year if it goes up and down and by the end of the year, you haven’t made a...

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