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AUD USD – Are we looking at the top?

Hi. AUDUSD. I am not going to talk about the fundamental view point to any currency pairs but show the potential technical approach to what we are seeing. We are in a large descending triangle formation that has reached a...

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EURGBP – Are we ready for a move lower

EURGBP Hi all. I would like to introduce myself. My name is Ian Coleman and I am a trader and analyst at Turtle Futures. We are a trading firm based in Chelmsford, Essex. It is our intention to expand our offering to the market,...

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USDJPY for 29/09

USDJPY Huge doji yesterday on the daily chart with the low spiking through the daily trend line. 1hr, we came back up in a three wave move and have stopped at the previous trend line resistance at 90.24. We have not made a...

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