It Is Time to Draw a Line

Last Thursday, the high-frequency traders exposed themselves to the world outside of the trading community. Finally, I say. We have accepted this unfair tactic far too long. To have computers making tens-of-thousands of trades...

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When Will The Blathering End?

Greece, U.S. corporate earnings, the price of oil, the affect of the manipulated Chinese yuan, and developing financial regulation all have something in common – movement in the global equity markets. Although broad market...

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Will The Markets Move Even Higher?

I would describe this past week in the markets as interesting, or, at least, understandable.  The DIJA ended the week at 10,997, just three points shy of the big 11,000 mark.  All week long, the market struggled to get...

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Are We Coming to the Crossroad?

In the latter part of 2007, the U.S. economy began shedding jobs. By the end of 2008, the number of jobs lost each month exceeded 700,000 per month. Although decreasing in total numbers, those losses have continued right through...

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Think Technology

Think technology. Think about what John Chambers (Cisco CEO) told us the day before he announced the new, faster router Cisco is bringing to market. CEO Chambers told us the router would change the Internet as we know it....

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The Gold Trade, a Bubble Waiting To Pop

The price of gold topped $1200 per ounce this week. Should you jump on this bandwagon? Do you think you will miss the trade, and thus the profit? This trader will miss both the bandwagon and the trade. Gold is another bubble,...

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