Author: Speculator Academy

What should traders believe?

There are many misconceptions among all traders which prevent them from becoming successful. Sometimes a trader may see a very good opportunity in front of him but these misconceptions will not let him take the first step. If...

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Infomercial Launching Today

Dear Friends and Family,As some of you know for the past 18 years I have been toiling away in theretail investment industry working very hard to get my message across- thatordinary people, can do extraordinary things with their...

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Improve your day trading overnight!

The secret to trading is often thought to be more a function of a time frame rather than a function of skill. In much the same way that university students and alumni promote and defend their alma mater, come hell or high water,...

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Short covering rally proves fruitful

Economic uncertainty lead to an unexpeceted up day for the stock market this Friday. This is an unusual event. This can only mean that there is news that may come out over the weekend that maylend the current economic climate...

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