A line drawn on a price bar chart at pivot highs or lows that provides a visual representation of the general direction of the trend.

Triple Bottom

A price chart bar pattern consisting of three equal lows followed by a price move upwards.

Triple Top

A price chart bar pattern consisting of three equal Highs followed by a price move downward.

Uncovered Call

The act by a trader to sell a Call option without owning the underlying asset.

Uncovered Put

A strategy where the trader sells a Put Option without having a Short position in the underlying Stock.


A financial instrument (Stocks, Futures, Commodities, etc.) that formulates the basis for a Derivative’s (such as Options) price.

Unlisted Security

A financial security that has not met exchange requirements to be listed on the exchange.

Up Volume

A security that closes a day of trading activity at a higher volume level than at that day’s opening price.


A fluctuation in a securities price which is higher than the previous transaction.


A stock sector that is comprised of privatized gas, electricity and water industries. 


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