Fair Value

Denotes the difference when comparing the price of a derivative contract to the the price of the underlying cash market price.

False Breakout

When a stock’s price closes outside of a range then reverts to fall within the expected range.

Fast Market

An exchange phenomenon where the volume of trade transactions are so excessive that it out paces the rate at which price quotes are being updated.

Federal Reserve Board (Fed)

A Board of Governors for the Federal Reserve System in Washington D.C. appointed by the President that establishes monetary policy and monitors the economy.

Federal Reserve System

The United State’s monetary regulation authority consisting of 12 Federal Reserve Banks which serve member commercial banks in their respective jurisdictions. This system regulates the supply of credit and currency.

Fibonacci Numbers

A numerical pattern in a series where beginning with 0 and 1, the sequence of subsequent numbers are derived from the sum of the previous two.


Point at which an order is fully executed.

Fill or Kill (FOK)

A stock transaction order instructing that a stock be bought or sold immediately in its entirety otherwise the entire order is automatically cancelled.


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