Odd Lot

A securities order which is less than the conventional 100 shares.


Symbol for Standard & Poor’s 100 Cash Index.


The highest price that a buyer will pay and the lowest price that a seller will sell, a security.

On Balance Volume

Developed by Joseph Granville, this is a technical analysis indicator that tracks volume to predict changes in a financial instrument’s price.

Open Interest

The total amount of outstanding contracts (not settled) that are held by traders at the end of each day.

Open Outcry

The audible communication between professionals on the trading floor of an exchange for bids and offers on a stock or commodity.

Open-End Fund

A type of mutual fund with no limit on the amount of shares issued. A trader purchases shares from the fund directly rather other shareholders.

Opening Range

The price range for the highest bid and the lowest offer during the first few minutes of the Exchange’s official open.

OPG Order

A type of "time in force" order transaction instructing that the trade be executed as close to the open as possible and will only be accepted up to l 9:15am Eastern.


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