A field fo economics specializing in the study of aggregate economies rather the behaviors of individuals or markets. Focuses on factors such as unemployment, rate of growth, inflation and national income. 


The amount of money lended by a bank or brokerage to a customer for the purchase of securities.

Margin Call

A broker or bank’s demand that a client deposit additional funding or securities to cover potential losses.

Mark to Market

Process by which owned securities are evaluated daily based on their market value and not acquisition price.

Market Cycle

Price movements that fluctuate between highs and lows over a period of time and return to original price levels.

Market Maker

A Broker-Dealer that is prepared to buy and sell a specific stock at any time, on a sustained, consistent basis with a firm ask and bid price.

Market Order

A trade order that is to be executed immediately at the current market price for a security where execution is more important than price.

Market Technicians Association

A non-profit organization that exclusively provides the Chartered Market Technician (CMT) Program for professionals advancing their study of technical analysis theory and ethical practices within the investment community.

Market Thrust

A technical indicator that evaluates momentum by taking advancing issues on a particular exchange and dividing by total issues (advancing and declining), then producing a 10 period Moving Average of the resulting percentage.

Market Weighted Index

An index in which price is determined by the price of individual stocks,weighted for total market value of outstanding shares. Individual stock price fluctuation impacts the overall value of the index.


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