Tax Exempt Bond

A municipal bond issued by state or local governments where interest payments are tax exempted.

Technical Analysis

A methodology that evaluates market activity through historical price data and volume to forecast future price movements.

Technical Indicator

A graphical decision support tool applied to a price bar chart that takes various forms (based on formulas) to predict a market’s behavior.

Test term

Testing term definition insertion.

Thematic Investing

A strategy that involves making investment decisions based on global prevailing trends (or macroeconomic themes) rather than historical performance. 


Rate at which an option loses value as the amount of time to expiration changes. Also known as time decay factor.


A digital display of current security price fluctuations occurring on an exchange for a given day. "Tick" represents change in price, regardless of direction.

Time Value

The concept that monetary value today is worth more than it will be in the future due to the higher probabilities of earning potential.

Trader Ed

The identity for the ambassador of TraderPlanet.


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