Active Management

The constant supervision of a portfolio’s holdings by experienced financial professionals to maximize gains. This is a popular benefit of investing in mutual funds where Fund Managers monitor performance and make adjustments to strategies when needed.

Active Trading

A speculative trading strategy that buys and sells securities to take advantage of short-term movements in price on high demand markets such as stocks and currencies, typically within one day.


An individual who specializes in statistical analysis to measure and manage risk. 

Adding to a Loser

Increasing an active position in a given market although the price direction is opposite of the trader’s wishes.

Adjusted Closing Price

A stock’s closing price on any specific day of trading that has been changed to include distribution and company activity that took place at any time prior to the next day’s open.

Advance/Decline Index

A technical indicator that conveys the total difference between the number of advancing and declining security prices.

Advancing Issues

A quantity of securities that have increased in price during a specific time frame.

Advancing Volume

Represents the trading volume for all Advancing Issues on an Exchange or Index for a given day.

After-Hours Trading

The trading of securities after the major markets have closed. Trading is conducted on Electronic Communication Networks (ECNs) which pair buyers and sellers for trade execution.


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