An occurance of a security’s price crossing a boundary thought to be Bullish or Bearish.

Cumulative Dividends

An amount that publicly traded companies must remit to Preferred stock shareholders irregardless of earnings, in advance of dividends paid to Common stock shareholders. 

Cup and Handle

A price chart continuation pattern that identifies a Consolidation period followed by a Breakout.

Currency Pair

Two currencies which comprise a foreign exchange rate. For example, USD/CAD.

Currency Risk

Also known as Exchange Rate Risk, it describes the probability of currency value depreciation and the adverse affects on the investor’s portfolio.

Current Income

The objective to provide high dividend or annuity payments from a conservative portfolio to satisfy an investor’s steady income needs.

Current Assets

The value of all assets that can be converted to cash within a year.


A financial institution that is responsible for protecting a client’s financial assets to mimize risk of theft or loss. 


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