Blue Chip Stock

Common stock for established, market leading companies with billions in capitalization.

Board of Directors

Elected or appointed individuals who collectively oversee the management of a corporation.

Bollinger Band®

A technical indicator developed by John Bollinger, it is represented by lines plotted two standard deviations away from a simple moving average.

Bollinger Bands®

Designed by John Bollinger, this technical indicator measures volatility by plotting lines two standard deviations away from a Simple Moving Average.


A financial product that allows an investor to lend money to a government or company. The entity issues what is essentially an IOU, which is then purchased by investors. Investors receive the principal (full amount) at the bond’s maturity (expiration), along with interest for the bond’s term.

Bond Yield

The income that an investor will realize through purchasing a Bond.


A time period of fast and strong economic growth.


On a price chart, this is the lowest price reached by a security over a specific time frame.

Breadth of Market

An indicator which measures the ratio of the number of advancing stocks to declining stocks.

Breakaway Gap

A blank space which appears above or below the price bars on a price chart that signifies that a new trend has begun.


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